SMS Marketing

Digital Remedy is one of the India’s leading bulk sms provider company. We serve through innovative solutions for sending bulk sms all over India via different gateway. With the help of our premium sms services, you can send critical messages such as commodity prices, share prices tips etc. API coding is also available to send bulk sms from your own application. Our sms services work throughout India through multiple gateway networks. We also provide short code solutions to get feedbacks from clients.

Our sms sending services are purely economical as we serve with the sms sending only to Non DND numbers and all the DND numbers neither are pushed and not even charges so the consumer has to pay the net amount for the Non DND Numbers sms, we provide auto scrub facility in our panel while sending bulk sms. Not only sending sms the API is available to configure push message service in any application as our developer API is compatible with all languages, so it is easy to manage the sms push according the programme application.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS or Short Messaging Service marketing is quite a distinct marketing tool which makes use of permission-based text messaging to spread out promotional, informational messages to the customers. Customers should first opt-in to the service to get the updates and information regarding the service or products which the company is selling out.

Advantages of SMS marketing:

  1. The ability to send and receive message instantly provides ease to the business. This quality is highly appreciated by customers and builds a sense of instant connection.
  2. The text messages can be kept clear and concise which allows significant information tp be conveyed in short words.
  3. High availability of mobile phones makes companies to easily approach the customers almost anywhere and everywhere without interruption.
  4. SMS marketing enables you to form targeted group of consumers which are based on their past purchase habits or demographics.
  5. Through SMS marketing, advertising efforts are quite less, as one can send bulk messages to a large number of customers in a very inexpensive manner.
  6. Customers are granted with the choice to opt in or opt out, which helps in establishing brand loyalty amongst the customers and makes them feel special

Future scope of SMS marketing services:

Experts see a lot of uncovered area in SMS marketing, they still believe that there’s a lot of potential in SMS marketing in the coming years and we haven’t yet fully understood how to exploit SMS marketing completely. Businesses now understand the versatility of SMS in marketing and are now working on exploring opportunities to increase customer engagement.

Facilities of Bulk SMS Service

  • The solutions are equipped to provide GSM and CDMA coverage
  • The solutions are also equipped with an online DND filter
  • Some solutions are also loaded with message templates that come in use, particularly while sending out promotional messages
  • The solutions are also equipped with a scheduler that helps them to configure a schedule to send messages at a designated day and time.