Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Service:

We provide advisory services to implement Digital Marketing which ultimately results in enhanced your web existence. Digital marketing landscape is highly competitive and ever-changing. Our Consultants/Analysts keep tab on developments in this sphere, and provide solutions to improve results out of your efforts in Digital Marketing. We perform competitive analysis to assess the digital market trend on a periodical basis. We set up specific strategy for each and every individual client in tune with market trends and competitor. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) methodologies improve the visibility of website, and result in greater traffic and more ROI. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Promotion (SMO), Paid Searches are a few of the contemporary methods to improve higher visibility in the digital space in addition to periodical blogging, emailing, forum submission, reviews and other supporting methods.

Why Choose Our Digital Marketing Services :

Our digital marketing professionals provide services/solutions to develop your online presence and get better ROI. We have number of packages based on clients need and to help new clients smoothly and effectively migrate to digital marketing programs. We prepare in depth plan specific to a business with achievable goals against spending. We have team to implement email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing campaigns, PPC campaigns and SEO. Our working professionals are gives result oriented solutions, in few sectors like Non-Profit, Real Estate, Consulting, Information Technology, Events, Food and Restaurants, E commerce, Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare.

How can we help you?

Reaching out to right person is the first & crucial step to bring your prospective customers into your ecosystem. Digital Remedy India help your brand acquire new customers by various techniques of organic or inorganic activities. It’s not a One-Fits-All technique and require a special approach always based on nature of business & target audience.

Digital Remedy believes Social Media is a successful media to engage your audience. It has enabled a two way communication so that your brand can not just express, but to listen your audience voice. We help brands in planning multi-channel user engagement strategies. Which involves content strategy, visual ideation and remarkable campaigns.

User acquisition at right times might be a higher thing. Brands always struggle to plan the multi-channel attribution to ensure that they are engaged with their potential audience multi-channel. Retention strategies if planned well can help brand growth the repeat purchase and loyalty by multifold.

Our Digital Marketing Service Includes following things,
1) Lead Generation
2)Target Audience
3)Traffic Control to Website
4)Mobile App Marketing
5) Handle All Paid Campaign (PPC , CPC , CPM..)

Our partner team which implements digital marketing strategies will provide computable results and manage whole set of activities without requiring your regular time or notice. Overall, our services will save you time, boost your ROI, and—most importantly—give you peace of mind that tangible results will follow.

Some of our services

Social Media Marketing & Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness of a product/services, brand or event by using a number of social media channels and communities to generate viral publicity. Digital Remedy India Pvt. Ltd is the best SEO/SMO Company in market today offer guaranteed SMM/SMO services to your business. Read More

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google AdWords ads are a highly efficient method when it comes to attracting traffic to your website. It’s flexible targeting options let you personalize your campaign to suit your needs.Google AdWords is an online advertising service where business pay to display their advertising to web users.The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for add. Read More

Online Reputation Management

Digital Remedy India, has been offering interactive marketing services for more than a 5 years. We have worked with several clients for managing their reputation and have provided great results to build and proactively monitor their reputation. We offer two types of Reputation management services, Personal and Business reputation management. Read More

Email Marketing

Email marketing means a direct marketing of your business services through the use of electronic mails to attract the customers towards the unique and best services of your company. We are the best email marketing company in India who fulfill all your email marketing requirements in a great manner. We are very much familiar with this method of advertising that benefits you a lot. Read More

SMS Marketing

If you want genuine Bulk SMS Services in Pune then Digital Remedy India is the best place where you can get Bulk SMS marketing solution with lowest rate in Pune. Our bulk SMS marketing services are best in Pune and Provide best SMS services in Pune with 100% delivery & genuine database for SMS. SMS is highly effective for reaching out to customers. Read More